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Super Meat Boy Unbias Review and Download Instructions

Welcome -I thank you for visiting the Super Meat Boy review article - we have done our best to give a completely non-biased review of this fantastic new game. And if you find that this game is for you -then please, consider downloading it from the amazing new Download Center located through the link at the bottom.


Getting a new game for your XBOX 360 is a difficult decision -uness you download video games here -because they do cost a little bit of money and you want to make sure you get a game that you are going to love to play.  This is why there are website that offer game reviews like this Super Meat Boy review that you are about to read.  The good part is when you are done with this review you can download the game and start playing it much faster than if you go out and purchase.

Super Meat Boy Review

This game is very similar to the Super Mario Bros. games and actually shares the initials.  The main character, Super Meat Boy, always has the same objective and that is to get to Bandage Girl and, of course, she is trapped in another castle once again.  This is by no means and easy game, but beginners will catch on very fast.  It is designed to be simple to play, but difficult to conquer.


But -and I make this a B-U-T but, if you fail to reach your goal of getting to and saving bandage girl -there will be re-percussions of the highest magnitude...ah hah hah hah


You do get unlimited tries to reach Bandage Girl, but there are not checkpoints and anytime you die you will start the game all over again.  This is one of those games that you probably will need to take breaks from, but it can get very addicting.  It was because of another Super Meat Boy review that I decided to download the game and I actually had to stop playing at one point because my controller got too sweaty.

It is just as addictive as Super Mario Bros. was when it first came out and it is much more difficult.  This is not a game that you will download and conquer by the end of the day.  It will take you hours and possible hundreds of lives to reach Bandage Girl, but the journey is amazingly fun.


 Download Super Meat Boy

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 Find Top XBox Games Securely

Anytime someone retrieves media, like xbox games, online, we always face the possibility of attracting viruses and spyware. So, its possible that there are some very good download sites available -but we need to know which ones are safe and which ones are not.

Recently I have found  a safe site for  downloading XBox 360 games - as well as a site that we have found to offer over 10's of 1,000's of the hottest xbox games.



Your Immediate Goal - Be Aware of  Your XBox Downloads Website

Dont worry, your not the only one to be sucked into a get XBox 360 games spot that is full of gimmicks and crap -just to discover it was a scam from the get go . Dont expect to find a single game worth playing - so sometimes we will actually see a good looking game, they are almost ALWAYS just demo's or broken files.

Here is a great way to figure out these  get game downloads sites -its a simple method that works.

Heres what you do, get ready to do some searches on your favorite search engine. Find the site you are thinking about using,type in the name of the site you are about to find whatever fre XBox 360 games with- spell out the download sites EXACT dowmain first- then follow that by something like "reviews" or "scam" or soemthing to that effect.
Here is what it will look like in the end:

   " with "descriptions" - then press enter

Dont be surprised if you see a few reviews by people trying to seel the site -avoid those -we want actual gamers. You really want to see some information and discussions that detail the download sites actual features that will tell you exactly the site is all about. And if you see some reviews that sound good -see if you can email the person and open up a dialogue- people will always give the honest reviews when a site or product doesnt not work.

Here is a rule of thumb -if a product actually works, you will usually not see many great reviews or comments -its human nature to forget about a review if a site is a good one, they arent duty-bound to note down good reviews.

So the point of this article, is to show you an easy way to get some real information and background on sites that offer XBox 360 downloads.


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